Take Advantage of Low-Voltage Solutions

Take Advantage of Low-Voltage Solutions

Choose Rudder Electric for low-voltage wiring services throughout Jeffersonville & New Albany, IN

Low-voltage wiring is common in many commercial buildings, but we also install and maintain low-voltage systems in residential properties. Our most popular low-voltage services include:

  • Low-voltage lighting installation
  • Automated control installation
  • Fire alarm system installation
  • Security camera installation
  • Intercom installation
Rudder Electric can install low-voltage wiring and set up any of the systems above. To learn more about low-voltage wiring or to schedule a consultation with our team, call Rudder Electric in Jeffersonville & New Albany, IN today.

Temporary wiring solutions for your event

Low-voltage electrical systems can also be used for temporary setups. This is a great option for concerts, fundraisers and other one-time events that require lighting, sound and more.

Hiring a professional electrician to set up your event's low-voltage lighting and more can help ensure that everything works and follows safety standards. For more information about temporary wiring in Jeffersonville, Indiana, call Rudder Electric today.